Beautifully illustrated book where a young girl hears a story about her heritage and her family's cacao farm in Africa.  Experience the special bond the girl discovers with her past.

Fun  story by the beloved storyteller and songwriter, Paul McCartney. "See the compass needle spin, let the magic fun begin."   A magical grandfather turns a boring day into a memorable one for his grandchildren.

The Relatives Came

By Cynthia Rylant

One of my favorite authors, Cynthia Rylant, tells this story about out-of-town relatives who come for a visit during the  Do you have out-of-town relatives that travel from far away and stay at your house making for days of fun?

Llama Llama mad at Mama

Anna Dewdney

Who doesn't like Llama llama??  Another adventure this time with his mom.


Arthur Dorros

Abuela -- that's me--a grandmother!!  Experience this colorful family story and a different culture.  

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