Below find family-themed children's books I have enjoyed. 

 Happy reading!!   ~~Catherine

Home In The Woods

By Eliza Wheeler

True story during the US depression of a family who  recently lost their father  along with his income and their home.  Their move into a shack in the woods is hard for this family of nine. This delightful, uplifting book shows resilience, resourcefulness, and happiness with simple pleasures.   (2019, Penguin Random House)

Kamala and Maya's 

Big Idea

by Meena Harris

Lovely story written be Kamala Harris' neice about her aunt and her mother as young girls.  The story takes place in an urban setting where the girls show perseverance and resourcefulness for the good of their community,  Young girls will find lots of role modeling in Kamala and her sister Maya. (2020, Harper Collins)

Grandpa Cacao

by Elizabeth Zunon

Beautifully illustrated book where a young girl hears a story about her heritage and her family's cacao farm in Africa.  Experience the special bond the girl discovers with her past. (2019, Bloomsbury Publishing)

Hey Grandude

by Paul McCartney

Fun  story by the beloved storyteller and songwriter, Paul McCartney. "See the compass needle spin, let the magic fun begin."   A magical grandfather turns a boring day into a memorable one for his grandchildren. (2019, Random House)

The Relatives Came

By Cynthia Rylant

One of my favorite authors, Cynthia Rylant, tells this story about out-of-town relatives who come for a visit over the summer.  Do you have out-of-town relatives that travel from far away and stay at your house making for days of fun? Winner of several awards including a Caldecott Honor Book. (1985, Bradbury Press)


by Arthur Dorros

Abuela -- that's me--a grandmother to two granddaughters. Maybe that's why I like this story so much!! Experience this colorful and magical family story that 'flies' over New York City interspersed with Spanish phrases.  Winner of the Parents' Choice Award! (1997, Penguin Random House)

A Family is a Family is a Family

By Sara O'Leary

Clever story about school children telling their class about their families. Warmly told, many of the children worried that their family was too different. But as they explain each family, it is discovered families come in all different shapes, sizes, and other way.  And it is realized that all families are special in their own, unique way. (2016, Groundwood Books)

of Thee I Sing -

A Letter to my Daughters

The former president poetically inspires readers  (children and adults) to appreciate the gifts and talents of others while bringing hope for the future. The path ahead is an open book to discover one's self as those before us have done. Beautifully illustrated by Loren Long.  (2016, Alfred A. Knopf) 

By Barack Obama