What's a grandmother doing creating a web page, venturing into the world of social media, and authoring her first picture book?!?!?

       I'm having fun! Sure it can be challenging (esp. the tech part) but it has given me a chance to reflect on my family heritage and relish in times of our past.                        Experiencing life during the COVID-19 pandemic has brought families together to a slower, simpler time. It may not have always been easy like Olga experiences in One of Thirteen. It may have brought hardships which often is an opportunity to strengthen families.

       Fundamental elements of families existed yesteryear and still exist today. It's safe to assume the face of families are changing but the same important family values remain the same. Caring, protecting, helping, loving, supporting.

       I'm well aware families are as diversified as the the people in them but they are still a "family" which is why I like to write and read about this topic. I welcome diverse book suggestions to be included in my book suggestion section. If you, your ancestors, or a friend are part of a large family of 10+ children, I'd love to post heart-warming, true and funny stories you may have.

       Oh by the way, my husband Greg and I have three sons, and two lovely granddaughters. I love flowers, summer, being near water, trying new recipes, creativity, and the sports world (kudos to my sons/husband for that). I also am an elementary teaching assistant and a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators.

       One of Thirteen is my first picture book (ages 5-10) ...so exciting!...and the first of a One of Thirteen series.

© 2020 by Catherine Zampier