Publishing my first picture book in 2020 has been fun, challenging, and a bucket list item for several years.

       It has given me a chance to reflect on my family heritage and relish in times of our past. Experiencing life during the COVID-19 pandemic has brought families together to a slower, simpler pace. With so many distractions in our society, staying in my home in upstate New York during the pandemic for most of 2020 afforded me the time to focus on publishing this story.

      Life is not always easy as I’m sure Olga (my mother) experienced in her large family growing up in the 1940s. Being one of thirteen children to Russian immigrants in the small neighborhood of Maplewood, NY, my cousins and I often heard of these hardship stories (some, probably exaggerated). Olga, though, continued to love her family as reflected in One of Thirteen.  

       It's safe to assume the face of families are changing and are more diversified, but the same important family values remain -- caring, protecting, helping, loving, supporting.

       I’m extremely grateful for my immediate family as a wife, mother, and grandmother. Nature inspires me, especially flowers, summers, being near water, trying new recipes, creativity, and the sports world. I work with elementary school-aged students and am also a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators.

       One of Thirteen (ages 5-10) is the first of a One of Thirteen series.

2021 -- Hello and Welcome New Year!!


Change is such a big part of life.  Since we tend to find what we’re looking for, seek positivity.  Don’t give up on hope in the new year.  Don’t let fear take over (easier said than done). Put faith in God for only he knows what is to come.  Find joy in each day .

Reflecting and trying to keep a grateful spirit in 2020, I wrote my highlights, as I usually do at the beginning of a new year. To read, click on "2020 Reflections" below.  We seem to forget so quickly from year to year (doubt we'll forget 2020 though, and what a difficult year for so many).   My wish is, this too, will be passed down to future generations of my family.

© 2020 by Catherine Zampier