One of Thirteen
Children's Picture Book -- Newly Released

". . . brought tears to my eyes . . . ."  -Rosanne H.

"Took your family tree page as a project/challenge. So rewarding. My grandparents , both sides, born in Germany between 1860 to 1890."  -Kurt E.

WOW!!!! I  just read your book to my granddaughter! We both loved it! I can relate in so many ways.  - Cathy Y.

"I loved the book."   -Anne M.

I love the book!!  Great story and illustrations. -Terri E. 

Excerpt from:  Times Union LIVING article, Nov. 8, 2020: 

“Books with local authors, ties to put on your reading list”  by Jack Rightmyer

“One of Thirteen” by Catherine Zampier (Saratoga Springs Publishing)

This beautifully illustrated children’s book follows the adventures of Olga, an independent young girl who is one of the 13 Russian immigrant children in her family. The story takes place in the 1940s in Maplewood, the small hamlet between Watervliet and Cohoes. Zampier, who lives in Saratoga Springs, captures the joy and love that is usually found in big families. After the story there are questions related to family heritage and discussion questions that will help young people talk about the importance of family.

Ages:    5-10 years

Pages:  34

PUBLISHER:   Saratoga Springs Publishing 


        One of Thirteen
     By Catherine Zampier     
Illustrated by Robert Wayne Bode

Olga is an independent young girl proud of her large Russian immigrant family as one of thirteen children. Growing up in the 1940s, her desire for treasures sparks her sense of adventure. Going against her mother’s warning, the journey to seek a lucky penny leads Olga to near tragedy. With some help, she discovers how grateful she really is to still be one of thirteen!


Questions included to spark questions related to family heritage, along with a family tree to fill out.

© 2020 by Catherine Zampier