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This is my bright, adorable grand nephew Drew!!  

I was thrilled to hear he shared my book to his 2nd grade class in the state of Illinois!!  According to his mom, ".... he is really into it! He wants a tour of Maplewood.....wants to know the house grandma grew up in and go see the church!"   Love instilling the stories into our youth to connect them to their past!                                  April 2022

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Ages:    5-10 years

Pages:  34

PUBLISHER:   Saratoga Springs Publishing 


        One of Thirteen
Olga oval pic.png

Olga is an independent young girl proud of her large Russian immigrant family as one of thirteen children growing up in the 1940s. Through her adventures, Olga discovers how grateful she really is to still be one of thirteen!

Included in this issue are questions related to family heritage to spark discussions with children. Also included is a family tree to fill out with your child.

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